Sunday, January 13, 2013


Next on the Resolution List:  DO more.  Once upon a time, when we were Pug-less, had only one mortgage to pay, and PTO was mine for the taking, Steve and I did a lot of stuff.  We went places.  No sooner was one adventure over than the next one would be planned.

Things have changed for the better in many ways.  We have a house now, with plenty of space to entertain.  Steve began working from home in June - it's awesome.  It wasn't enough to have only one puppy, there is now twice the reason to stay in and snuggle.

I love my life, but it's easy to get stuck in a rut.  When we found out one of our favorite bands, The Killers, was going to be in Chicago the week before Christmas, we decided to make the trip.  Chicago-style pizza,  Willis Tower,  Navy Pier, Magnificent Mile, and The Killers all in one day.  It's the most time I've ever spent in the windy city, and now we're determined to go back for an extended stay in warmer weather.

It was a great reminder that there is more to life than obligation.  In 2013, I want to abandon routine more, be a little less practical, and a lot more creative with my time.  Once again,  I welcome your ideas.  How are YOU going to mix it up this year?


Obi Okobi said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend, Jill! I haven't been to CHI in years, and am a huge fan of the place.

This year, I am going to mix things up by adorning my life more than my body, meaning that I must be touched moved and inspired before I buy a piece of clothing. This will hopefully, with the right amount of discipline, free up money to
a) finally make my house into a home by creating a space I enjoy being in, and
b) travel to see my friends and family in all kinds of far flung places, most recently Cape Verde and Kenya (my new plan for summer 2013).

Right now, my only temptation is fall/winter [my favorite seasons] clearance, and I am aching to buy a pair of brown riding boots!

Thanks for being an inspiration!

Anonymous said...

Wow, it looks like you guys had a great time in Chicago! I hope you get to have many more adventures throughout 2013.

Instead of going on typical dates with my boyfriend, we have little adventures. We just leave the house with no expectations and see where the day/night takes us. It's sometimes fun to just jump in with no plans or reservations.

elaina said...

I started doing puzzles - only one completed so far (feels good challenging my brain though - now that I'm out of school). Want to help? Nick got me a bunch for Christmas.

Delane said...

Nobody in Chicago calls it Will Tower, it will forever be the Sears Tower.