Sunday, March 31, 2013

Remix(ologie) - Day 6

Jacket: Kut, Leggings: NikiBiki - via Hot Mama
Dress: Fashionologie,  Purse: DSW,  Shoes: Payless

Happy Easter!

It's the last day of the remix.  It was a fun little project, though it reminded me why I shouldn't commit to posting every day (too much pressure).  At some point in the near future (notice how I didn't say tomorrow), I'll post a poll so you can vote for your favorite outfit.  Those are always good time.

Please excuse me.  There is a pug in my bed waiting to be spooned.  He will not be denied.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Remix(ologie) - Day 5

Glasses: c/o,  Blazer & Bracelet: Hot Mama
Belt: Primp,  Dress: Fashionologie,  Shoes: Guess,  Bag: Target

Big day today.  Our dear friends Nick and Keely are getting married!  You can follow along on Instagram (spoilsofwear) if you want.  It's going to be fabulous.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Remix(ologie) - Day 4

Hat: PacSun,  Sunglasses: TJ Maxx,  Necklace: Bahamas
Dress: Fashionologie, Shoes: Vintage, thrifted

If I wasn't in the middle of a series of pre-titled posts, I might name this one "I See Tan People".  Not in the mirror, obviously.   Everywhere I go, it seems there is an abundance of people returning from vacation, all brown and happy-looking.  Kind of ticks me off.  Alright fine, I suppose I can be happy for a few of them.

It was fun to play dress up.  I pretended like I just got off the cruise ship in St. Croix (one of mine and Steve's favorite islands), with a whole day of beach, shopping, and margaritas ahead of me.   In a perfect world, Ollie would be able to cruise too.  He would love the beach.  The likelihood that he'll ever see more than a lake or river is slim, but hey, we're dreamin' here.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

For the Locals: Flight of Fashion

Greater Twin Cities United Way’s Women Investing in the Next Generation (WINGs) will 
host the 5th annual “Flight of Fashion” event, a mix of fashion and philanthropy, featuring world-class style with a hometown focus.  The event will be produced by Minneapolis-based style expert Grant Whittaker, who will emcee the Fashion Show with Allison Kaplan from Mpls.St.Paul Magazine. Runway fashions of the event will be provided by metro boutiques and designers including, Corset, Grethen House and Fashion Avenue as well as Joynoelle, Emma Berg and Stephanie Lake, among many others. 
Proceeds of the event will go to the WINGs Program, helping women and their families establish financial stability to overcome poverty. WINGs is committed to investing in women, giving them the tools to succeed personally and professionally. The groups’ motto is “helping the community and your career take flight.”
WHEN: Thursday, April 4, 20135:30 – 8:30 p.m.
WHERE: Loring Pasta Bar327 – 14th Ave. SE in Minneapolis
TICKETS: $85 for VIP (includes Premier seating and gift) and $50 in advance; $60 at the door.
I hope to see you there!

Remix(ologie) - Day 3

Necklace: Francesca's,  Cardigan: so old I can't remember
Dress & Vest:  Fashionologie,  Boots: DSW (similar)

Did you think I forgot?  Nope, just crazy-busy.

Better late than never.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Remix(ologie) - Day 2

Jacket: GET via Hot Mama (similar),  Scarf: Gift (thanks, mom!)
Dress: Fashionologie,  Leg Warmers: Target,  Galoshes:

(Sigh) At this rate, it's going to be mid-June before all the snow is gone.  What we need is a good ol' warm April shower to wash it all away.  I'm so ready.  For grass, bare legs, outdoor pictures, and not talking about lame weather all the time.

Oh, who am I kidding?  I'm a Minnesotan.  We live to talk about the weather.  Maybe a few people are genuinely interested in meteorology (huh?).  Perhaps others have nothing else to talk about (aww).  For the rest of us, it's because we have plans to make, things to do, places to BE.  We don't want to be caught in a thunderstorm without an umbrella, or a blizzard without a shovel.  We don't want to wear our new suede t-strap heels (we will be together soon, my darlings), only to wish we were wearing rubber boots.

Weather happens.  And I suppose if we don't talk (or blog) about it, we might not be ready for it.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Remix(ologie) - Day 1

Dress: Fashionologie,   Shirt: Target,  Shoes: Nine West
Necklace: Fashion Bug,  Earrings: Hot Mama

It was love at first sight.  I knew the moment I saw this dress at Fashionologie that it belonged in my closet.  Bold prints are a major spring trend and I am entirely on board. Ironically, this might be one of the most versatile pieces I own.  Don't believe me?  Didn't think so.  So to prove it, I've conjured up a little remix for you.  Welcome to Day One.  My furry photo-bombers were all over this project (mostly Ollie), so there's just one more reason to tune in this week.

See the other great items I tried on here.  I wanted to buy nearly everything, but sometimes hard choices must be made.  You understand.

Sunday, March 24, 2013


Congratulations, Jesse!

You won the adorable eShakti dress!

Expect an email from me soooooooooon.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

(Another) Eshakti Review & Giveaway

It's not the first time Eshakti has offered me a cute dress of my choice in exchange for a product review.  How can I resist?  They have a great selection.

Since the "custom" fit on my previous dress choice was way off, I decided to go with standard sizing this time.  My average size 6 seemed safe enough.  I did opt for above the knee length, even shorting my height by 1" to make super certain I got the hem line I wanted.  What?  I like to show some leg, ok?  Sue me.

Once again, it didn't work.  The overall fit was a wee bit snug.  Maybe that's my own fault.  But the length - the length!  How in the world I request above-the-knee and get mid-calf, I just don't know.

Too bad, because it's really the only bad thing about it.  The fabric and construction is wonderful.  The details are adorable.  It even has pockets - golly, I love pockets.

But it's just not going to work for me.  I hope it will work for one of you adorable readers.  It's going to fit a size 4-6 with an average bust.  Though the skirt is too long for my height/taste, it would be perfect for someone taller, or who can rock the midi-length, or who is willing to have it altered.

Here's how to enter:

Leave a comment telling me how you follow Spoils of Wear (google, twitter, facebook, bloglovin', etc.).  Don't forget your email address so I can contact you if you win!

The giveaway will run through next Sunday 3/24.  Good luck!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Tunic (similar): Prairie Underground,  Leggings: NikiBiki
Boots (similar): Naughty Monkey...all via Hot Mama

You wouldn't know it, but I am working on a bazillion blog projects right now (Ok, so like 4 - seems like a lot to me).  There is a giveaway, dress remix, trend list, and a few random outfit posts to look forward to.   Here we are, at a random outfit.  This tunic - you've seen it before.  Now, slightly winterized.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Once upon a Wednesday afternoon, I got my hair done. 

That deserves it's own paragraph.  It's a big, hairy deal. 

I sat in the salon chair at Bleach, catching up with my stylist (and cousin - yo Megs!) about life and fashion.  We both like our clothes on-trend and relatively inexpensive.  We agreed that this usually leads us to mass-produced junior brands that run way too small (since when is a size 6 "large"?).

Call it fate or coincidence. What happened next will astound you... 

I checked my phone to find an email from Fashionologie, inviting me to their new store on 50th & France in Edina.  Okay, so maybe it didn't seem so unusual or miraculous at the time, but simply a welcome opportunity to branch out.  

Accompanied by my freshly styled hair, I bolted out to Minneapolis' affluent south suburb.  Owner Deepali showed me around and answered all of my questions.  She knows fashion and has a clear vision for the store. She identified the exact need Megan and I had discussed just hours earlier.  These unique qualities have already made the store a great success: 

Affordable.  Not a common trait of the retail in that area, but you won't find me cryin' about it. Sticker shock is overrated anyway.

Accurate sizing.  Oh, hallelujah.  Fashionologie is currently clearancing out junior fit items in order to make way for new product that won't give average-sized women a complex.  Thankyouverymuch.  Admittedly, I'm pretty stoked to shop the sale.  At 70% off, I'll wear any size so long as I can bend my elbows.  Hey, a deal is a deal.

Fashion forward.  I was impressed by the variety of trends represented, but the bold prints and textures are what really caught my eye.  A lot of boutiques claim to have unique pieces, but often end up with the same items as the next shop.  I found dresses at Fashionologie that I haven't seen anywhere else.  

Very cool.  I'll be back.

*photos courtesy of Fashionologie