Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Once upon a Wednesday afternoon, I got my hair done. 

That deserves it's own paragraph.  It's a big, hairy deal. 

I sat in the salon chair at Bleach, catching up with my stylist (and cousin - yo Megs!) about life and fashion.  We both like our clothes on-trend and relatively inexpensive.  We agreed that this usually leads us to mass-produced junior brands that run way too small (since when is a size 6 "large"?).

Call it fate or coincidence. What happened next will astound you... 

I checked my phone to find an email from Fashionologie, inviting me to their new store on 50th & France in Edina.  Okay, so maybe it didn't seem so unusual or miraculous at the time, but simply a welcome opportunity to branch out.  

Accompanied by my freshly styled hair, I bolted out to Minneapolis' affluent south suburb.  Owner Deepali showed me around and answered all of my questions.  She knows fashion and has a clear vision for the store. She identified the exact need Megan and I had discussed just hours earlier.  These unique qualities have already made the store a great success: 

Affordable.  Not a common trait of the retail in that area, but you won't find me cryin' about it. Sticker shock is overrated anyway.

Accurate sizing.  Oh, hallelujah.  Fashionologie is currently clearancing out junior fit items in order to make way for new product that won't give average-sized women a complex.  Thankyouverymuch.  Admittedly, I'm pretty stoked to shop the sale.  At 70% off, I'll wear any size so long as I can bend my elbows.  Hey, a deal is a deal.

Fashion forward.  I was impressed by the variety of trends represented, but the bold prints and textures are what really caught my eye.  A lot of boutiques claim to have unique pieces, but often end up with the same items as the next shop.  I found dresses at Fashionologie that I haven't seen anywhere else.  

Very cool.  I'll be back.

*photos courtesy of Fashionologie

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Tara said...

This sounds like a store I need to check out!!