Tuesday, April 9, 2013

For the Locals: Dog-Friendly Market Event

Oh, you have a baby?

I have a fur-baby. Two of them.

Your baby whines and cries.

My baby whines and barks.

Your baby drools.

Mine drools less.

Yours sleeps in a crib.

Mine sleeps in a kennel.

Yours makes a funny face, then poops in a diaper.

Mine rings a bell, then poops outside.

Your baby is the smartest, cutest, most perfect being that has ever graced planet earth.

Coincidence! Mine too.  (Have you seen him turn off a light switch?)

Yours is socially accepted at at most places of business.

Mine, not so much.

I know they're not equal, ok?  I'm not anti-(human)baby.  Settle down.  Don't send me hate mail.  I'm sure your kid really is the bomb-diggity.

It's just that this event has me all excited:

HAMMS Event is a Minnesota Market for men, women and their pooches.
One day only:  Saturday, April 20th, 2013, 10:00am - 7:00pm

HAMMS Event is a one-day, dog-friendly market for men and women. A Minnesota Market with a twist!  
Shop 25,000 square feet of products for both men and women.  Meet the Minnesota Makers themselves, nibble on food from both vendors and food trucks, sip vino and samples of local brew.
HAMMS stands for: Help A Minnesota Maker Succeed. And, it just so happens to take place at the former Hamm's brewery shipping docks. 
HAMMS was born out of the "shop local" and "shop small business" philosophy, and the need for small businesses to stick together to help one another succeed. Funding is difficult for micro businesses, so we have put a spin on the "crowd funding" concept. 
The HAMMS Event Founders have taken the "crowd funding" craze one step further and are pledging up to $5000 of ticket sales/donations of HAMMS Event to one lucky vendor. What does "up to $5000" mean? It means that if we sell $2000 in tickets, one vendor will receive that amount of money, but we want at least $5000 in ticket sales because that will really help one small business take it to the next level. 

Apply to be a vendor or come support them by shopping the HAMMS Event.
You can make a difference in the small business commmunity.

Let's see... 
Shopping - check.  
Local - check.
Dog-friendly - check.

Yep.  I'll be there with furry companions in tow.

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