Thursday, May 9, 2013

Back to the Windy City

I have a certain reoccurring urge.  Mostly on mornings when I drive east on Highway 94 into Wisconsin.  It's an easy stretch of road, opposite of rush hour traffic.  But instead of getting off at my work exit, I want to keep driving until my surroundings are no longer so familiar.

Sometimes, I just have to go.  Go, or go crazy.  Before this week, I might have been on the verge of crazy.  Perfect timing for a little vacation.

We love traveling with Girly Muse and her family and were so excited at the opportunity to road trip with them.   After a couple ideas fell through, we settled on 3 nights in Chicago.  Steve and I thoroughly enjoyed our December trip, so we couldn't wait to experience the Windy City with warm weather and in the company of our wonderful friends.  

There was...
Pizza at Gino's.  A little shopping.  Church (like, crazy-awesome church) at Lighthouse.  Mini-golf.  A little more shopping.  BBQ ribs (OMG).  Navy Pier.  Sears Tower.  Char Dog.  Millennium Park.  Picasso Exhibition.  Manny's Deli.  

Loved every minute of it.

Room with a view
Deep Dish at Gino's East
Ferris wheel at Navy Pier
Me (Bean) at "The Bean"

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Girly Muse said...

It was exactly what we needed! So fun. Love traveling with the Bean and Stad. XO