Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Procrastination: 24 Hours / 24 Excuses

Glasses: Kenneth Cole via TJ Maxx,  T-shirt: Gap
Sweater: Press & Jeans: Level 99 via Hot Mama
Shoes: Keds, thrifted

1.  The dogs are begging for a walk.

2.  We have no clean cereal bowls.  Loading dishwasher...

3.  Laundry.  The pile never ends.

4.  Arrested Development, season 4.

5.  My closet needs reorganizing.  This time, I'll sort by shirt type instead of color.

6.  I feel the need to Instagram something.

7.  The raw dog food needs to be packaged and frozen before it goes bad.

8.  Facebook is calling.

9.  Time to plan my next clothes-swap party.

10.  Al Roker is going to tell me about the weather now.

11.  It's raining.  Those shoes need to be weather-proofed.

12.  Break for coffee.  It helps me focus.

13.  Hmmm...never thought about putting that shirt and skirt together.  Outfit!

14.  RSVP to that wedding.  Then pick out what I'm going to wear.

15.  Email friends, family and mommy-bloggers about the opening of Teeny Bee Boutique.

16.  Paint my toenails.

17.  Sex in the City marathon on Style network.   Just one more episode won't hurt.

18.  32 new emails.  I'm sure they're all super important.

19.  I have to read Bombshell Blogroll by fellow TC blogger Sara Bartlett.  Then ask myself, "Why didn't I think of that?"

20.  It's a holiday (somewhere).  I can't do any "work" on a holiday.

21.  Any new Photoshop tutorials on YouTube?   I better find out.

22.  Uh-oh!  Out of hairspray.  I bet we need other things at Target too.

23.  Latest fascination:  extreme couponing.  Google that.

24.  I have to use the bathroom.  (see #12)

Notice I didn't say BAD excuses.  Most of those are totally valid.

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Lydia Marie said...

Your pups are so cute! #22 is my favorite, haha.

Lydia in real life