Wednesday, May 15, 2013

What Daisy Wears

Steve had wanted a black, female pug for a while.  I wasn't convinced we could handle TWO crazy furballs.  As if I could ever resist a pug puppy - I was kidding no one.  

We brought her home and I envisioned an extensive wardrobe of pink and bows.  She's 9 months old now and it was about time my girl got girly.

Daisy and I attended the grand opening of Cocobear, a new pet boutique in St. Paul.  This bow tie collar was waiting for us there.  It's so flippin' cute, and I think Daisy knows it.  All of a sudden, her silly butt-wiggle seems a little more intentional.

Cocobear is a pet owner's dream.  Their services go way beyond pet supplies.  Grooming, walking, pet-sitting, food delivery, transportation, and training are all on the list of services they provide.

It was high time my pugly baby strut her stuff on the ol' blog.  Not sure if you can handle all this cuteness.   My advice: hold on to something squishy while you take it all in.  It's a natural reaction, no need for concern.

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