Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Non-Polo-Wearing Days

I haven't actually ordered anything from Sole Society yet.  What I have done is browse the site obsessively over the last several weeks.  Love it for moderately priced accessories n' all, but then they go one step further by presenting them in complete outfits.  So flippin' smart.  

I've fallen in love with many-a-pair of shoes, only to pass when I can't think of what to wear with them.  Next time a leopard-print bootie has me stumped,  I'll know exactly what to do.  And now that my non-polo-wearing days have increased to 4/week (woot woot),  I'll have a lookbook to reference when I somehow have "nothing to wear".

You're probably thinking, "OMG.  Has this girl been living under a rock for the past year?  She's just now blogging about Sole Society!?"  The answer is YES - and it's been more like 20 months.  Give me a sec to catch up, mkay?  And feel free to let me know about any other outfitting resources I've been missing out on.  Thanks.


Creole Wisdom said...

Under a rock? No, girlfriend. I am the one under a rock. Thanks for passing along a great site :) I do a lot of my shopping online so this is good to know!

Cindy Dy said...

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