Tuesday, July 16, 2013

About Oliver

I was slightly hesitant to bring Oliver to work with me yesterday.  He's a bit of a nut.  If I believed in reincarnation (maybe I do to some extent),  Ollie would've been a 7 year old boy in a previous life.  So curious, so much energy, but very dependent.

He devours every meal as if it's his last, yet remains the slimmest Pug I've ever seen.  This might have something to do with his raw diet, or the endless wrestling matches with Daisy.

His affections are aggressive.  He's not trying to hurt anyone, he just loves hard and hopes to be loved hard in return.  If you have the pleasure of meeting him, brace yourself.  If given the opportunity, he will french you ferociously...or sit on your face...or both.

Unlike his adorably devilish little sister, he wants to learn and aims to please.  If there is food at the end of your command, he will engage lazer-focus until he succeeds and the treat is won.  This is why he can catch a Frisbee, turn off a light switch, do side flips, count, and most importantly, pose for pictures ;).

He has better communication skills than I do most days.  Steve and I are pretty sure that his first language is Ton-Ton.  It would not surprise us if his strange sounds evolved into actual words.  We can tell, he's trying.

As it turned out, he was a perfect pup at the store, even luring a few passersby to come in and say 'hello'.  Not sure why I ever doubted him.

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