Sunday, July 7, 2013

Heat and Olives

Dress: Poppy Togs & Clogs,  Bracelet (similar): Hot Mama
Shoes: Ross, Atlanta

There is much to love about summer.  I know this.  Living on Arctic Circle, USA for 6 months out of the year makes me appreciate it all the more.  However, I am stupefied when it comes to dressing in any less than 8 layers of clothing.

I feel sticky and swollen all the time.  My inner thighs rub just enough to upset me.  My hair gives up all volume and clings desperately to the back of my neck.  My feet are rarely in a state worthy of open-toed shoes. Over-worked deodorant protests in nasty, white clumps under my arms.  Instead of properly hydrating, I drown my summer woes in half a jar of green olives.

Here's what I know:
1. Choose cotton.  Polyester is not my friend.  Repeat.  Polyester is not my friend.
2. Shoes - 1/2 size up.  Accommodates for swelling caused by the heat...and olives.
3. Simple is ok.  No need to wear 3 layers when 1 will do.  For me, easier said than done.

In the outfit displayed here, I finally got it right.  It was a proud day.


Anonymous said...

Love the choice of red shoes with the yellow dress. I have to agree about the swelling caused by the heat, every pair of shoes I tried on today felt tight!

Ruby Girl said...

jill, that is the loveliest outfit! the colors are darling. hope you are doing very well!


Babes in Thriftland said...

LOVE that dress. I totally feel the same way when it comes to summer dressing. Less is more I guess but without layers, I feel so strange!

two birds said...

you look gorgeous! i love the red and yellow together!

Alyssa said...

Ha! The inner-thighs rubbing together cracked me up! Man - do I know that feeling! So annoying!!!

Creole Wisdom said...

I love you in yellow!

The deodorant clumps really frustrate me!

Frannie Pantz said...

LOL As a Coloradoan, I totally feel ya. I love this yellow dress on you for sure and the red heels were a dazzling touch!