Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Shirt: Anthropologie,  Necklace & Shoes: Target
Jeans: Joes via Hot Mama

Shh.  Listen. 

Fame by David Bowie is playing.  It’s on the Fun & Funky Pick-me-ups playlist I chose on Songza.  I turned the volume way down so I could concentrate better.

There’s some street noise. 

A couple of chatty dudes are hangin’ out on the back patio. 

The air conditioner is humming. 

My stomach moans in protest for having skipped breakfast this morning.  I tell it to shut-up and be grateful I didn’t deny it coffee like yesterday – that was rough.  I packed a PB&J, but it’s too early for lunch.

Oh! Now it’s Freedom by George Michael.  Turn that up for a sec.

It’s almost impossible for me to break free of distraction, but I'll try.

Earlier today, I observed my dogs in the backyard.  They both trotted out to the sunny part of the grass, turned their little, wrinkled faces toward the sun, closed their eyes, and stood there for several, long seconds.

And I felt jealousy toward these animals.  Because I am a sad, foolish human being.

That moment jolted me from my overly-complicated, mental to-do list just long enough to hear a still, small voice…


Pretty sure that’s God speaking to me through the oblivious actions of my pets.  From there, I chose to focus on one problem at time and release the things I have no control over.  Stuff actually got done (crazy-miracle).  I won’t collapse into a puddle of pointless stress when I get home tonight.  And I’ve cancelled my pity-party, since I was going to be the only one in attendance anyway.

Now it's The Way You Make Me Feel by MJ.  I'm going to get up and do a little dance now.

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