Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Weekend Max Mara, Fall 2013

The collection by Weekend Max Mara was a really beautiful segment of Glamorama.  It was all dark and moody, with a dramatic rainfall effect.  This line cohesively displayed the basic must-haves for fall:  motorcycle jacket, cropped trousers, mixed patterns, animal print, color-blocking, fur accessories.  It looks a lot like Fall 2012, just amped up a bit.

Though the luxury, Italian label has a lot of reach in European countries, it's availability is still limited in the US.  Only a handful of high-end department stores carry it - Macy's Herald Square in New York and Union Square in San Francisco being 2 of them.  Easier to shop Weekend Max Mara online - the beautiful website is definitely worth browsing.

*photos courtesy of Macy's

Monday, August 26, 2013

National Dog Day

Just found out dogs have a holiday now too.  Why not, right? 

 Daisy and Oliver

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Back to School: TOMS + Out of Print

More than 10 years post high-school, I still love back-to-school shopping.   Admittedly, I was a terrible student (shame).  But every summer around this time, I would start getting excited.  New year, fresh start.  Big dreams of applying myself, getting good grades, rekindling friendships, and eating chocolate-covered rice crispy bars for lunch.  Friends and chocolate definitely happened.

Oh yeah.  And I liked to see how long I could go without wearing the same thing twice.  This was when ALL of my summer babysitting dollars were spent on clothes.  Such good times, those were.

I like to think I've gained some wisdom and maturity since 1998.  At least enough to recognize a winning opportunity when I see one.  Even though it decreases my odds (that's math), I have to share this giveaway with you:

TOMS and Out of Print have teamed up for a back-to-school sweepstakes!  I can't think of a more perfect t-shirt + shoe union.  Both of these companies excel in their philanthropic efforts through product sales and community involvement.

For every pair of TOMS, another pair is provided for a person in need.  Their giving spans over 50 countries.

For every t-shirt, Out of Print donates a book to an underprivileged community through their partnership with Books for Africa. (Me, wearing Wuthering Heights.)

It's super easy to enter.  And while you're there, shop around.  It's like back-to-school shopping X2.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Maison Jules, Fall 2013

You want to tap into your inner French girl, oui?  This month, Macy's launched their exclusive collection, Maison Jules.  Inspired by Parisian street style, it has all the qualities a modern-day Audrey Hepburn would covet.  

It's adorable.  All of it.  From the over-sized cardigans, to the cutesy mixed prints, to the intentionally minimal accessories.  It's fun, girly, wearable, and with prices starting at $17.50, quite affordable.

There wasn't anything about this collection that wowed on the runway, but that's ok.  It belongs in the display window of Macy's downtown Chicago (or Minneapolis), marketed as the must-have fall capsule collection.  SOLD.

*photos courtesy of Macy's

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Favorite Summer Accessory

Excuse the interruption in runway posts.  I'd hate to burden all you summer-lovers with too much premature fall fashion.  

So how about I talk about my favorite summer accessory?  When my original heart sunglasses broke a while back, I was very sad.   I never want to be mistaken for an over-sized toddler (tough sometimes).  Finding the right replacement was slightly challenging, but not impossible.





Jacket: Target,  Skirt: F21, hand-me-down,  Shoes: Vintage

Monday, August 12, 2013

RACHEL Rachel Roy, Fall 2013

It took me a while to process how I felt about RACHEL Rachel Roy.  There wasn't anything to dislike about it, but the collection just didn't seem very cohesive to me.  I couldn't find an obvious common theme that carried throughout the line to make it really stand out.  I was confused - it happens.  So I had to break it down and study every look individually.  

Turns out, this may be the collection I identify with the most.  The characteristic the outfits share isn't a particular color or pattern or silhouette - it's a lifestyle and attitude.  It's all city chic.  It's essentially the same person, styled for difference occasions.  She's going to wear that orange jumpsuit for a night out with the girls, then throw on these fabulous trousers for work the next morning.  And she likes hats (me too).

I get it.  I dig it.  I want most of it.

*photos courtesy of Macy's

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Jean Paul Gaultier, Fall 2013

This is what I've always dreamed a runway show could be like.  I've only been to local fashion events - which are awesome n' all - but I just knew someday I would witness a collection that was a little less ready-to-wear and a little more...ingenious.  Not that all the garments in Jean Paul Gaultier's line are super out there (this is for Macy's, afterall), but the styling was so fabulous - like, crazy-Aunt-Gertrude-does-Morocco (or is it more Tokyo?) fabulous.

I was quite happy with the execution of this collection.

YES to a revamped puffy vest.

YES to colored tights with open-toed shoes.

YES to pattern mixing.

And HELL YES to wearing them all at the same time.

*photos courtesy of Macy's 

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Tommy Hilfiger, Fall 2013

Right.  After a bazillion years, Tommy Hilfiger still has it goin' on.  How he hasn't sold-out to WalMart by now is nothing short of amazing...and I applaud the resistance.  I'm rarely surprised by Tommy, and don't really want to be.  The brand knows itself and it's customer.  She's classic and smart with just enough school-girl sex appeal to make her dangerous.  It's the same style season after season, yet always current.

This was the first collection to hit the runway at Glamorama.  It's not cutting edge or uber fashion forward, but I love it and would wear any of it.

Know what would've made a great accessory for any of these outfits?  A pug.  Wearing a striped, turtleneck sweater.  Just a thought.


*photos courtesy of Macy's

Monday, August 5, 2013

Glam Photobooth Silliness

Macy's Glamorama was outstanding from start to finish.  I want so badly to high-tail it to Chicago this weekend and do it all over again. I'm very excited to share my favorite collections with you.

The after-party was loads of fun.  The PatrĂ³n photobooth was a definitely a highlight:

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Behind the Scenes

Jacket: Kut &  Earrings/Bracelet: Hot Mama 
Tee: JCrew.com,  Pants: Maurices,  Shoes: UrbanOutfitters.com

I was fashionably late to Glamorama's blogger reception last night.  I get so nervous going to solo-social events like this.  It was the ultimate pleasant surprise to bump into a familiar face - Lindsey of Ruby Girl was there!  We go way back (in blog years).  She introduced me to Jennifer of Treble and Lace and Davee of Prima Chic - both so, completely adorbs.  What was I so worried about?  Bloggers are generally friendly folks, and there's always someone willing to approach the quiet girl.

Steve loaned me his fancy camera and gave me a brief lesson on how to operate it.  It made a good accessory.  I looked all official while I took pictures on my iphone.  

I posted a few photos from the evening on Instagram.  Oh!  Speaking of my favorite app, Macy's is hosting a "What Makes You Feel Glam" contest.  Upload a glamorous photo with #macysglampic in the caption and you could win a $2500 Macy's gift card.  Yowza!