Thursday, August 8, 2013

Tommy Hilfiger, Fall 2013

Right.  After a bazillion years, Tommy Hilfiger still has it goin' on.  How he hasn't sold-out to WalMart by now is nothing short of amazing...and I applaud the resistance.  I'm rarely surprised by Tommy, and don't really want to be.  The brand knows itself and it's customer.  She's classic and smart with just enough school-girl sex appeal to make her dangerous.  It's the same style season after season, yet always current.

This was the first collection to hit the runway at Glamorama.  It's not cutting edge or uber fashion forward, but I love it and would wear any of it.

Know what would've made a great accessory for any of these outfits?  A pug.  Wearing a striped, turtleneck sweater.  Just a thought.


*photos courtesy of Macy's

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