Monday, September 9, 2013

Philosophy, Fall 2013

Philosophy brought some serious drama to the runway at Glamorama.  The formal-wear looked straight out of Gatsby, without crossing the line into costume-y.  And I love winter white, no matter how impractical it may be to wear in the street slush of Minnesota.  

What showed on the runway here was a bit too mature for my taste (why so I'm drawn to bib-overalls and flannel shirts, I'll never know), but there were a few inspirational ensembles (see: last 2 white outfits on right).  

I liked a lot more of this collection seen at NY Fashion Week, particularly the "ugly" sweaters (to go with my overalls and flannel). I also liked the use of knee-high stockings - we saw this in Tommy Hilfiger's line too, and I heartily approve.

photos courtesy of Macy's

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