Monday, October 7, 2013

Lolly Watch Product Review (sniff)

(sniff sniff)

Check out this watch.  It's scented (ooooh ahhhh).  My white watch was in poor condition, so without much consideration to the coconut scent, that’s the color I chose when Lolly offered to send me one to try.  

It came in an adorable, watch-sized crate.  I had my handy dad-in-law take a few links out of it for the perfect fit.  It’s light weight, but doesn’t feel cheap.  The design is simple and ageless.  Unlike my previous white watch, it doesn’t make sweaty indentations on my wrist.  Nice.

Lolly watches are eco-friendly.  Super scientific n' stuff.   That whole subject is way over my head.  But I do understand the material being BPA free and hypoallergenic. Perhaps why I find it so comfortable and non-irritating to my sensitive skin?  Sure, that sounds right.

On a 5-star rating scale:
Appearance: 5 stars
Comfort: 5 stars

Maybe I should've chosen for scent first instead of color?  READ ON.

I put it on and instantly noticed the coconut fragrance.  Uh oh.  Not that it was bad.   Heck, I love a Pina Colada.  I’m just not sure if I want to wear one (getinmybelly).  I’m not a smelly person (most days I smell like Pug, but that’s just my life).  I try to avoid scented body products and rarely wear perfume.  I was worried that it would be too over-powering - resulting in headaches and strange looks from anyone who might share a small space with me.  Thankfully, I don’t ride a lot of buses or elevators anymore.

I wore it.  And sure enough, it bugged me.  So disappointed, because I liked everything else about my new timepiece.  But the smell.  It consumed me, goshdarnit.  It wasn’t long before I was tasting coconut. This product review was in big trouble.

Since no one else seemed bothered by it, I asked around:

“Do you smell that?” 
“You don’t SMELL that?” 
“How ‘bout NOW?”  As I inconspicuously moved my arm closer to their face.
 Awkward, but necessary for a fair review. 

A few people noticed it just before I practically shoved my wrist up their nose. Most of my victims eventually acknowledged that it smelled sweet before they could identify the coconut.  Everyone was impressed when I told them it was my WATCH and not a new spray from Bath and Body Works.   A scented watch is so fun and original, RIGHT?  Everyone agreed.  Not one single bad reaction from an outsider.  So I began doubting my sensitivity to the smell.

Thoughts, in order:
It’s probably because it’s ON me.  
Shoot, I really want to like this thing.  
I need to give it a few more days. 
What I wouldn’t give for a mint right now.

It took 3 days for the constant smell and funky taste to go away.  (Maybe because I stopped licking it.  J/K, I don’t put things like that in my mouth.  Oh wait, yes I do – Chewbeads are delicious.  Shameless Teeny Bee plug, right there.)

Now, I have to hold the watch up to my nose to get a whiff of coconut.  And that’s exactly how I like it.  I'm not sure if the emission of scent decreased or if my snout adjusted...probably the latter.

Wishing this was me.  Wondering if all those watches smell like a fruit salad?

Scent:  Day 1 – 0 stars, Day 5 – 4 stars.  Significant improvement.  Whew.  

Conclusion: I think this would make a great gift for a teenage girl.  They tend to like bright, sweet-smelling accessories, right?  Correct me if I'm wrong.  Great stocking stuffer idea.  That suggestion is totally free.  You can wait until December to thank me.

Seriously though.  I like my Lolly watch and I will get a lot of use out of it.  But I might not have stuck it out if not for wanting to give a complete and honest review.  I’m really glad I forged through the first couple of days.  I wish I could try every scent/color to smell/see the difference.  Steve wished I would've chosen Strawberry.  I think I would've like Apple the best.

Other things to note about Lolly
  • Free shipping (as it should be)
  • Free returns (no risk!)
  • 1 year warranty (no risk, part 2)
  • Buy a watch, plant a tree (dogoodery is fun)
  • Receive 20% off with code spoilsofwear20  (discount!)

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*disclosure: I received my Lolly watch FREE, in exchange for a product review on Spoils of Wear.

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