Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Rule of Seven

Dress: vintage, thrifted via My Sister's Closet,  Belt: F21
Necklace: Fashion Bug,  Boots: Frye via Amazon

Lookie what I found!  A forgotten outfit picture.  It's like Christmas.

A recent conversation resounds in my mind as I try to get dressed in the morning.  We were discussing the process of dressing a mannequin - a task I enjoy, given the right items.  I was told that somewhere in the world of retail merchandising, there is a "rule" of seven.  As in, seven pieces make a complete outfit.  

This was news to me.  As much I've grown to dislike hard rules in fashion (a blog post for another day), I admit to curiosity.  Who made this mannequin rule and does it also apply to outfitting real people?  Accessorizing isn't something I'm awesome at.  This suggestion could be helpful...maybe.

Take this outfit, for example.  
Earrings + Necklace + Dress + Belt + Socks + Boots = 6 pieces.

Is it incomplete?  Not necessarily.
Would it benefit from one more item?  Couldn't hurt.

So I'm in the process of testing the theory.  Yes, it is annoying that this idea is taking up any amount of space in my creative psyche.  At the same time, my analytical brain eats junk like this for breakfast.  Any conclusive results will be shared here, of course.  Don't hold your breath.  Just count your outfit.

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Creole Wisdom said...

Love this.

Reminds me of how 7 is the number of perfection ;) Hows that for a little Bible nerdery this morning?

7 has always been my favorite number. Right now I'm wearing 5 items... time to run back into my bedroom and throw on two bracelets!