Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Black and White Film

Remember when we took pictures with film?  Those little 35mm rolls.  Rationing every shot for fear of running out at an inopportune time.  Trying to waste a whole hour at Walgreens waiting for the envelope containing those tangible photographs.  Lucky if half of them were any good.  The excitement and pride over the ones that were good.  I always ordered doubles, just in case.  The anticipation was awesome.

My favorite tutu (yes, I have more than one) is the subject of a friend's college photography project.  I create five different outfits with it and she captures them on black and white film.  This shoot was my favorite so far.  I even like the extra grainy effect from transferring them to digital format (aka: taking a picture of a picture - because I'm techie like that).

Seriously though.  I love old black and whites for their eery, romantic qualities.  And the ability to take an outfit that only a blind + crazy person would wear and make it look relatively normal.  

*photos c/o Adreanna Frelix

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