Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Fight Frostbite with this GIVEAWAY!

Socks: c/o Heat Holders 

Brrr.  It's frickin' cold all of sudden.  Yesterday, I was not prepared.  Thought I might lose a toe or two.  Ugh...wouldn't that be unpleasant.  Poor sock choice was to blame.  It was agony.

Steve and I love socks.  Especially Steve.  Ask him what he'd like for Christmas...socks.  The man is hairless from the ankle down because he's never without socks - follicles cannot survive in those conditions.

Heat Holders sent us socks to try. It was very thoughtful of them to include a pair for my sock-obsessed husband (bonus points).  Heat Holders, indeed.  They're soooooo warm.  Soft, fluffy, and squishy too.  They'll function more as a slipper than a sock for me since I only have a couple pairs of boots roomy enough to fit all this toastiness.  It's a good thing they wash up perfectly for how much Steve and I have already worn them (it's only November).  All warmth and fluff remains intact.

I'm planning the purchase of new ice skates.  Don't care how much I have to size up to fit my Heat Holders, it's a requirement.   These socks will be the difference between frostbite misery and all-day fun on the rink/slopes/hill.   Minnesota might retain more of their residents over the winter if they supplied every household with Heat Holders.  How's that for a stimulus plan?

I want you to try them too.  They could change your life.  Heck, they could save your life.  Or at least your toes.  So Heat Holders is providing 5 pairs for a giveaway.  Men's or women's socks - winner's choice.  :)

Check 'em out on Facebook or Twitter, then leave a comment on this post with your email address.  I'll select the winners at random next week!


rebecca said...

very cool. i am from the adirondacks so warm socks are a must!
rwvanvoorhis at gmail dot ocm

Anonymous said...

My feet are cold as I write this. elaina.d.mcmillan@gmail.com

Ticka said...

In Minnesota we're tough, but we still need to keep the toes and fingers warm. Great giveaway!


s said...

MN Winters make for cold feet! I'd love a pair.

Danna Erickson said...

Love the socks. LOVE!!

Trenda Tillson said...

Could for sure use these in good old New Hampshire! trendanicole@yahoo.com

Angie Jerde said...

I spend a lot of time at the ice rink with my boys! Angie.Jerde@gmail.com