Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Hungry Game

Not that you would know from this multi-layer outfit, but I'm going through a skinny phase.  It's not intentional, it just happened.  Before you mumble obscenities in my direction, just know that if I were to try to lose weight, I would gain it.   It's a weird, mental thing with me.   I tend to ride 10-15lb waves that can last anywhere from a few months to a couple years.  Now that I've hit my 30's, I can't afford to take it for granted.  With some conscious effort, I hope to ride this skinny wave for a while.

It's the wrong season for weight management, I know.  It's time to make like a Grizzly and store up some body fat for hibernation.  Minnesota is famous for delicious casseroles and I'm craving one topped with tater tots.  The strategy is to take an extra large helping and then pat myself on the back for abstaining seconds.  See?  Mental game.  Totally winning.

Also, I need to get the clothes that don't fit out of sight.  Starting with these shorts (sigh).  It's too tempting to wear baggy stuff because it's comfortable, available, and layer-able.  Most things that get too small are swapped or donated.  It's way harder to let go of items that are too big.  Instead, I hide them away for the inevitable bloat, trips to Louisiana, or just in case I get knocked up.  Oh, and because I'm a realist, obviously.

Tips on winter pudge (rhymes with fudge) resistance is much appreciated.

Tater tot recipes also welcome.

Scarf: airport,  Jacket: KUT,  Sweatshirt: Old Navy,  Shorts: thrifted
Thigh-highs: Target,  Boots: Frye via Amazon


Seasons Of Styles said...

Your hair looks really cute!

Frannie Pantz said...

I'm glad you're talking about this because I have totally noticed your past few posts how absolutely skinny minnie you have gotten! You look great!

Anonymous said...

You make me want blue hair!

Laine Sou said...

You crack me up!