Thursday, November 7, 2013

Twitter Giveaway! #crocstyle

Sweater: Free People via Houndstooth,  Leggings: NikiBiki
Socks: Target,  Boots: c/o Crocs

This one time, at band camp I considered purchasing a pair of Crocs for a day at Valley Fair.   No joke.  I think the ballet flat Crocs are kind of fun.  Perfect for a day at an amusement/water park.  Cuter and safer than flip-flops, for sure.

And then, this one other time, Steve went bargain shopping in West Virginia and bought me a pair of YOU by Crocs wedge sandals.  Super, stinkin' cute and really comfortable.  I kept checking the label...did that really say Crocs???  Yep.

So it wasn't a huge surprise when Crocs emailed to let me know about their new, stylish boot options.  They sent me a pair to try.  I love them.  Here's why:

1.  If a rain boot and regular boot hooked up and had a baby, this is how it would look, feel, and function.  You know I just like the idea of shoes procreating.  (#sicko)

2.  Budget-friendly.  Under $100.

3.  I've had my Crocs A-leigh's for about 2 months now.  They've taken several beatings and still look new.

4.  They make my feet look cute and small.  Not that I have Hobbit feet or something.  But some boots look big and clunky.  Not these.

TODAY.  Like, right now, you can enter to win your own pair of Crocs A-leigh boots.  All you have to do is TWEET ME (@spoilsofwear) your answer to this question:

How do you stay stylishly comfy in cold weather?  Include hashtag #crocstyle.  

Super easy, right?  3 winners will be chosen at random.

YAY!  We can be boot twinsies.  Go on now, tweet yourself silly.


Bethie The Boo said...

Ooh fun giveaway! I will definitely be tweeting, who knew Crocs made cute boots??

Amber said...

My husband made fun of how excited I was about these! Can't wait to see if I was a winner! =)