Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Terrific Tuesday

Scarf: Hot Mama,  Jacket: JCP,  Dress: M Rena via Sisu
Tights: Target?,  Boots: DSW

Sheesh.  Drastic climate change since my last outfit post.

It's Tuesday.  My favorite weekday.  I get to take my time in the morning - which typically consists of sneaking back into bed with the furballs.  Then I go to work at the cutest baby boutique in my favorite part of town.  Sometimes, I treat myself to coffee at Cahoots.  If I'm really motivated, blogging gets done (hardy-har).  I stop for spring rolls before choir practice.  Sing until 8:30.  Home to bed.  It's just a good day, full of things I love.


Ticka said...

That sounds like a jam packed day! I think Thursday might be my favorite... especially if I take Friday off from work! :)

Cute tights! Love the outfit!

two birds said...

Tuesdays sound like a great day! And I really love that scarf!