Friday, January 3, 2014

Middle Toes Doth Protest

Hat & Boots: Gift from Steve (8+ years ago!),  Bag: Gap
Sweater: Hot Mama  Shirt (similar): Charlotte Tarantola,  Tunic Tank: NikiBiki,
Leggings: Matty M,  Socks: HUE & Target

Let's discuss layers again, shall we?

Hat.  Scarf.  Tank.  Long-sleeve shirt.  Wool sweater.  Gloves.  Leggings....on top of leggings.  Socks...on top of another pair of socks.  And fuzzy-lined boots.  And ya know what?  I should have doubled up the scarf too.

My middle toes keep going numb.  Just the middle ones.  You'd think they'd be the coziest ones, but apparently they're the wimpiest.

WalMart has fleece-lined leggings for $5.  Sold...X6.

Many schools and businesses will be closed Monday in anticipation of the coldest day in 20 years.  Ode to Joy.

We haven't had hot water in our kitchen for a week and a plumber is coming out today to help us thaw the culprit pipe and hopefully prevent disaster.  Grateful it's only in the kitchen...

It's like the cold version of hell.

22 days until vacation.

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