Monday, February 3, 2014

Caribbean Princess News: Insider Edition

Well, we're on the last leg of our vacation.  Spent the last few days in New Orleans and are now visiting family in Kinder, LA.  But first, we cruised.  There was fun and there was sun.  In 6 days, we never knew hunger. Steve has reclaimed his belief in God.  I have experienced a state of being other than frozen and even have a little color to show for it.

The first 4.5 days of our vacation went exceptionally well.  This included 20 hours of travel.

It got hairy when after a heavenly day in Roatan, the captain announced that we had to hurry back to Houston to avoid bad fog on Saturday and that our much anticipated day in Belize had been cancelled.  The only happy cruisers that night were the sickly ones - there are always a few.  This was Tuesday night.  

Belize was the destination 90% of the cruisers were most thrilled about - us included.  Our snorkel gear was packed, our excursion half-paid, and our buddy's GoPro ready for the 2nd largest barrier reef in the world.  Not sure if disappointed is the right word...

We were pissed.

There having been a health risk/reminder the day prior, we were not naive enough to believe we that were turning back for the sake of fog.  Puh-lease.  Princess was trying to cover their tails and not have a mini-epidemic on their hands.   This would've been far less annoying had there been better and honest communication.  

My travel buddies and I all remained in good health until the following evening when our ship coursed through a storm we would've otherwise avoided had we stuck to the original itinerary.  I wouldn't doubt it if more than half of the passengers lost their dinner that night.  Adding insult to injury. 

I hoped for the sake of Princess's reputation that there would at least be a little bit of fog as we arrived in the Port of Houston Friday morning.  Ha.  The air was crystal clear.  And only a few hours later, CNN had the story covered.

Steve and I have cruised a lot.  This was our 2nd Princess Cruise.  It had a 5-star rating and the price was unbeatable.  The food was incredible.  I had some of the best sea food dishes of my life on this trip.  The service was also great - from our steward, to the dinner staff, to the guy who brought us lemonade as we played board games late into the evening - really, the sweetest of people.

But we were truly surprised and irritated at how the Fog vs. Norovirus situation was handled. Will we cruise again?  You bet.  On Princess?  Not so sure.

Stay tuned for more enjoyable vacation topics.  :)

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