Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Wrap Wisdom

I have decided (again), that I need wrap dresses.  They're easy, classic, and grown-up, yet a bit flirty - good combo.  I used to have a few for business life, but over the course of a couple clothes-swaps, only one remains...and I should really get it hemmed (boo).  Isn't it just so much better to buy new?  

Your response: Yes of course, Jill, how wise you are.

Thanks, pals.

Ok.  So, if I were an affordable, wrap dress, where would I be?  It should be a true wrap.  The faux kind is alright, but I do feel like the fit is better when it actually wraps.  Also, it should hit just above my knee.  Most average women's sizes are too long.  Sleeves can be long or 3/4, because I want to be able to wear this sucker year round.  Let's throw a sleeveless in for good measure - whatever, it's layerable.

Old Navy online might be the answer.  I'll let you know when it arrives.  I ordered from petites, but if you require regular or tall fit, those are available as well.  Prices range from $12 clearance to $35 regular price.  Um, please don't buy anything full price at Old Navy (it's just wrong).  If there isn't a discount code today (there is = 20%), try back tomorrow.

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emaliah82 said...

I've got one or two left in my closet but they are seriously the wrong length (boo hemming). With my minuscule ankles, anything below my knees looks fairly ridiculous unless it's floor length! LOL Sounds like a good excuse to go shopping. :)