Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Rose Wholesale Review

Earrings: Sisu,  Shirt: JCP,  Dress: c/o RoseWholesale,  Bag: Gap,  Shoes: Vintage, thrifted

Turns out, midi dresses bother me (on me) almost as much as maxi dresses.  Or maybe it's just the shape of this one.  If it had been tapered all the way down like the picture on the website, I might've liked it better.  Doh! I'm getting ahead of myself...

Time to talk about the items I received from Rose Wholesale.  Pieces included the skirt worn here, the dress shown above, and a pair of leggings that I cannot wear.  The folks at Rose Wholesale were kind enough to let me make my own suggestions on what I would get.  There's a lot on the site, and it was fun to sift through.  The prices are incredibly low, even when buying a single piece vs. bulk wholesale.

It took a long time for the things to arrive - well over a month.  Not sure if that's an overseas shipping thing or a swag delay thing.  Just when I thought I'd been bamboozled, heavenly MAIL!  Golly, I love good mail.

I excitedly ripped open the package, and was instantly very confused.  I remembered what these pieces looked like online, and what I'd received was vastly different.  This skirt online had muted colors, a wider waistband, and appeared a crisper fabric.  I like what I got, and maybe even prefer the brighter, cheesier print.  Unfortunately, the lack of quality is apparent and it may not hold up more than a few wears.

The dress online was tapered - a midi, body-con style - but as you can see in the photo above, it's more of an A-line.  The leggings online represent a funky, multi-texture pattern - vegan leather moto style.  What came was a see-through thin, cotton legging with pleather patches awkwardly placed on the front.  Even if they did look good, the fit is pretty terrible.

Bottom line: you get what you pay for.  Thankfully, these items cost me nothing.  If I were to buy from Rose Wholesale, I would be very conscious of timing, material, returnability, and cost (should something need to be tailored properly).  Could it be an inexpensive way to test out trends?  Yeah, sure, maybe.  Just keep expectations extra low.