Tuesday, April 8, 2014


There are certain things from childhood (circa 1988-1996) that I cannot get over.   Onesie items - overalls, rompers, jumpers, bodysuits (before Miley's crotch destroyed their retro-fabulous reputation), and footie pajamas.  I also enjoy plaid, patchwork, and anything overly distressed.

Basically anything that screams "DON'T TAKE ME SERIOUSLY".   
(Cue thought-provoking silence)


As for footwear, I love my collection of little Ked-like tennies.  I don't prefer to spend a lot of money on them (see: Ked like - though I could seriously die over their polka dot collection - gah!) because I don't want to care if they only last one season.  Wear them out and replace.   Be able to afford multiples - one in every print, please.  A set for every pair of overalls I intend to own.

These cuties from Go Jane are $12.50, plus 25% off through tomorrow with code APRIL25R.


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Elegance and Mommyhood said...

I cannot believe all of these gorgeous teenies are from GoJane. If I had to settle for just 3 pairs I'd go for the yellow, leopard and red ones with polka dots. =)