Tuesday, May 27, 2014

My Choir Story

Remember when I wrote about why Tuesday is my favorite day of the week?  And you were all confused surprised impressed that I sing in a church choir?  Not like it was the first time I'd mentioned it, but it's not something that comes up often on a style blog.  It's actually been a major part of my existence for the last 18 years.  Probably time to elaborate on that, huh?

I could be addicted to worse things.  Spend every Sunday and Tuesday at the bar or casino or The Gap (wink).  But nope - I'm like one of those Glee kids, only it's a gospel "youth" choir and I've been officially not-a-youth for quite a few years now.  Even if I thought I could shake it off (which has been proven impossible - keep reading), I wouldn't want to.  Pretty sure it's imprinted on my DNA by now. Steve's too - two years after his graduation from Choir Director to Media Ministry, the platform still feels most like home.

We've made a few albums.  Been on a few tours.  Experienced some major highs, few lows, and a lot of in betweens.  The reasons I've stuck with it so long depends on what era we're talking about.  I joined because it was the funnest thing a 13 year old Christian girl could do and all the cool kids were in it.  I stayed because I genuinely like to sing and worship - things you can do louder in a choir.  It became like a second family. I couldn't imagine sitting in the congregation.  And then, because I was playing kissy-face with the director.

Then just a few years ago, when Steve wasn't going to be directing any longer, it seemed like a good time to make a career change that might prevent me from attending consistently - phase out, classy-like.

It didn't work.  I've never been more unsettled, unhappy, empty.  I suppose it would be hard to pull the plug on a decade of anything, but the job - not choir - had to go.  After thinking I could be ok without, I realized the opposite was what I really needed.  I've come to consider the choir a calling.  Through a divine set of circumstances I was planted, soprano side.  Turns out the roots run too deep to be tampered with.

I'm glad it remains such a big part of my life.  I'm proud and grateful for the phase the choir is in right now.  We're small, but mighty.  We truly love and support one another as individuals - it's beautiful.  Our current director, Debbie, is awesome - in a completely different, yet equally valid way than Steve.  The focus is less performance, more worship.  And unless I'm totally clueless, we are drama-free (though I still like to feign rivalry with the altos).

So there it is, My ABC Youth Choir story.

Click on the video to enjoy another (much funnier) story - G! True Hollywood Story.

True Hollywood Story - ABC Youth Choir from Grace Place on Vimeo.


afreluv21 said...

Love this!!!! However, you don't get to have a rivalry with me because I'm an altano!!!! ❤️

Jilliebeanie said...

@afreluv21, I believe the correct term is "spalto". I get to fight with the altos FOR you. :)

Bethie The Boo said...

As a fellow choir girl, I have to say I love this! Singing is everything to me as well!

Anonymous said...

Makes my heart smile