Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Squishy Things

Necklace: JCP,  Jacket: Kut via Sisu,  Dress: Wet Seal,  Shoes: MIA Girl via DSW,
Black, squishy thing: Daisy the Pug

Today, my friend and owner of Sisu, Heidi, is experiencing the loss of Lewis, her 12 year old Springer Spaniel.  I keep having flashbacks to the morning Steve and I said goodbye to Miles.  Heidi and I were working together then too.  I had never dealt with grief like that before.  I went into work, seeking distraction, hoping to rid myself of the pain as quickly as possible.  That's not really the best way to deal with the death of a pet.  Heidi sent me home to crumble and grieve.  It was awful, but necessary.

More than 2 years later, I still choke a little on Miles' memory.  He was so young, but we went through so much together it almost feels like we had him for a full doggy lifetime.  He was such a big deal, we had to supplement him with TWO Pugs  - ha!

Oliver and Daisy are pure joy.  They are also HEALTHY, thank goodness.  After hearing about sweet Lewis, I snuggled those velvety wrinkles extra long this morning.  I imagine Miles and Lewis have already found each other, made introductions, and are feasting together at a table of heavenly protein.

Squish them (lovingly) while you have them.

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two birds said...

SO sad. Losing a pet is so difficult and awful. Sending my love to your co-worker.