Friday, May 9, 2014

Summer Splurge: Prairie Underground

My heart aches to look at Prairie Underground's Summer collection.  It's the perfect balance of sporty-chic (trend alert) and boho fabulous.  I love the pretty, muted colors with those lovely pops of yellow.  The whole line is mix-n-match, and even has a convertible dress - gah!

I wholeheartedly approve of how this brand interprets trends.  On my latest trip to Louisiana, I was coveting my PawPaw's coveralls, considering how perfectly they would jive with the jumpsuit/romper craze.  Lo and behold, Prairie does coveralls for Spring.  Of course they do.

I wasn't on board for loud, visible logos until I saw Prairie's Logomania dress - it's just obscure enough.  I'd proudly flaunt their brand.

Oh, and the revamped bike short.  Hi, I'm in love.  So cute with breezy tunics and over-sized tees, accessorized with a baseball hat and sporty sandal or tennis shoe.

Mid Victorian in Green Tea (other colors),  Thermocline in Drab,  Bike Short in Denim,  
Heron Dress in New Dove (but I want it in Cruiseliner),  Crazy Pockets in Galaxy (other colors), 
Bouffant Dress in Lemon (other colors)

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