Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Boy Pug vs Girl Pug

This is how our little family pack operates:  

I am the giver of breakfast.  I am a pillow.  I am the booger wiper and ear wax extractor.  I am the merciless squisher of squishy things.   I am the mama.

Steve is the alpha.

Sometimes, Daisy thinks she is the alpha and tries to assert her self-appointed authority over everyone.  Her cuteness goes a long way, but Steve ultimately wins.  And when he does, she plays it off like, whatever, I didn't really give a f*** anyway, just making sure you were paying attention.  She is happy to cuddle and be held like a baby, but only on her terms.  At home, Daisy is sassy, independent, and unapologetic.  At the park, she barks at other dogs then quickly retreats when she finally gets their attention.  

Oliver submits to everyone except me.  He's sweet and tender-hearted, but also very hyper.  I don't like disciplining him, no matter how annoying his compulsive licking is.  I can't bare to break his sweet spirit.  Poor baby is both bullied and adored by his little sister.  Ollie is substantially taller, leaner, and faster than Daisy, but he'll let her take him down in a play fight (momentarily, at least).  All he wants in life is love, attention, approval, and reward in the form of anything edible.

Who shall be squished first?

Daisy's slower, so easier to catch.

Ollie is too busy for me, so I force my love upon him.

Tall and fit
Short and stout
Digs in blankets
Digs in dirt
Gives hard kisses
Gives soft kisses
Hears everything
Smells everything
Cries like a TonTon
Snorts like a pig
Runs like the wind
Easily winded
Responds to TV
Responds to Ollie responding to TV
Grandma’s Favorite
Everyone else’s favorite 

***Disclaimer: Steve and I love our Pugs equally, depending on the day.

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JC Cross-Jones said...

Aww your little chart is so cute! They sound like a right pair!
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