Monday, August 4, 2014

Girl Gone Wild

Nick, Elaina, Me, Steve.  Notice our official Survivor Buffs!

We got back yesterday from a 4 night stay in the Boundary Waters.  It was awesome.  I'm not much of a camper, but when a wilderness expert invites you to go, you go.  Steve and Nick are both into videography, so that was the focus (pun alert) of the trip.  Elaina and I paddled the boys around as they filmed our majestic surroundings.  

When he wasn't paddling, it was like this.

The weather was amazing.  The absence of wind and rain made for easy paddling and relaxing days at camp.  We soaked up a lot of sun.  I managed to avoid the cold, dark, glassy water all but once, knowing I would not last without at least one attempt at bathing.  I just don't like not being able to see what - or who - I'm swimming with.

Misty morning.

The most perfect day.

Vivid sunset.

I mentally prepared for bugs.  Mosquitoes tend to feast on me, stupid little devils.  We were relieved to have few insect-related issues - nothing a little deet (100 proof), optional head nets, and shelter during sundown couldn't handle.

The only struggle I had was with portaging.  Never have I felt more physically challenged, nearly incapable.  Having 1/2 my body weight strapped to my back over rough terrain was a shock to my system, which turned into controlled rebellion.  Elaina, on the other hand, carried a canoe on her shoulders through our hardest and longest portage - she's tiny, but crazy-strong.  I am a noodle.

The smiley end of the portage.

Nick planned and prepared all of our meals.  Everything we ate was delicious and filling.  I'll post a few pictures and recipes soon.  We were never denied morning coffee, hallelu.  Our drinking water came from the lake, then was run through a simple filtering system.  It actually tasted pretty good and not like dirt or iron, though I did opt to add lemon Gatorade powder for flavor.

The bathroom situation.  Here's how it goes:  Apply bug spray and announce to your camp mates where you're going.  Don't forget to bring the TP.  Follow the little trail to a remote pot in the middle of the forest - there it is.  Try not to look, simply swat the flies away.   Sit down.  Greet the chipmunk who is staring you down from a nearby tree.   Try to relax, while being as fast and efficient as possible.

Even being way out of my comfort zone, I had a wonderful time.  To be in enveloped in nature, completely unplugged, is something special.  There is a great sense of accomplishment that comes with this type of adventure (or "vacation" as some call it).  I would do it again.  Maybe not this year, but sometime.

Paddle.  Rest.  Repeat.

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Bethie The Boo said...

Amazing photos! I have heard that is a really beautiful area, looks like you had a great time!