Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Girlfriends Photo Shoot, Part 2

Part 1, in case you missed it.

Aren't my friends so seriously pretty?  I know.

This was definitely my favorite part of the photo shoot.  There was rain, mud, and mosquitoes, but we made it work.  Keely knew of this great location, 'Hobo Village', where stunning graffiti spans the exterior walls of an abandoned warehouse.  We did not actually see any hobos.  Too bad, they would've loved this.

I have no idea how this tutu madness came together so perfectly with such little planning, but it did.  It helped that we already had the tutus, just looking for the next excuse to wear them.  Elaina made Katie's, Keely's and her own tutu.  I have worn my 'Elaina tutu' (last seen here) to death and it needs some mending.  So I squeezed into the biggest tutu I could find at Teeny Bee, removed the lining from a black tutu I had and layered it over the top.  I love how it all coordinated without being super matchy.  Katie stole the show with her massive, teal tutu - which is exactly what we wanted for her birthday/moving present.

Let me explain the connection here:  Katie and Keely are sisters.  Elaina is their cousin.  My mom and Deb (K's mom) became friends when I was 10.  Their family has been putting up with me ever since.  Not sure when the unspoken pact was made that we would be friends for life, but it's held up through a lot of changes.  I'm so grateful.

Major thanks to Mari for taking time out of her Saturday to make this happen.  And thank you, Deb, for bringing props, snacks, and artistic input.


Kt said...

I have the best and coolest friends EVER! Love you guys!

Gracey the Giant said...

These photos are wonderful! Everyone looks gorgeous and fun!