Tuesday, August 19, 2014


I finished Outlander last week and had to take a break from reading for a few days.  It was quite a feat.

This crazy journey begins in 1946, post WWII.  It ends up in 1743, as tensions increase between England, France, and Scotland.

Good thing Claire knows a thing or two about this unstable time period, her husband of 1945 being a scholar of Scottish history.  Her experience as a combat nurse also assists her through more than a few barbaric practices of the 18th century.  When I'd be losing my lunch, Claire is all,"fetch me some (insert herb) with a side of whisky".  I appreciate a heroine who is both feminine and bad-ass.

Claire meets Jaime - a hot, young, Scottish warrior and the story unfolds from there.  Though the writing is fantastic, it took me several looooong chapters to really get into it.  Then the conflict and romance rises to make me embrace all 870 pages of small print.

Starz recently premiered the first episode of their Outlander series.  While I don't have much problem reading sex and gore, watching it in TV-MA form is difficult for me.  The book is pretty graphic, so I had little hope of enjoying the show.  Surprisingly, I was able to watch 'Sassenach' without much issue.  The premier followed the book very well.  Even the casting feels impressively accurate.  Jaime is hot (duh), and Claire is beautiful and spirited (though thinner than I imagined - typical).

It can only get more graphic from here, but I'll hold on as long as possible.  As for the book, it's only good if you don't give up - I have Willow Aster to thank for that tip (wink).  I really did fall in love with these characters.  That said, the thought of immediately taking on book 2 is too much.  Moving on, for now.

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