Monday, August 18, 2014

Wilderness Recipes

After my Boundary Waters experience, I cannot fathom how Survivor contestants endure 39 days with minimal food and resources.  There's something about being in the fresh air and the energy exerted with every little task that made me want to eat constantly.  Thankfully, Nick's meal plan for us was hearty and delicious.  Here are a few of the highlights:

Cilantro Lime Shrimp Skewers
I love sea food, cilantro, and citrus, so this was designated my birthday dinner.  We ate it on Thursday because the shrimp had to be kept cold.  It tasted so fresh and satisfying for our first day at camp.

  •  Large, uncooked shrimp, deveined and shelled
  •  Bamboo skewers, soaked in water approx. 20 min.
  •  Limes
  •  Cumin
  •  Salt
  •  Fresh cilantro
Season shrimp with salt and cumin, then squeeze juice of lime over them.  Put on skewers with lime slices.  Grill until pink.  Boil long grain white rice.  Add lime juice, oil, and cilantro.

Breakfast Hash
Warning: it's SPICY!  Perfect for a cool morning around the fire.  Served with Cowboy Coffee, of course.

  • Bulk sage breakfast sausage
  • Jalapeno bacon cut into chunks
  • Hash browns (any style - we had chunks)
  • Garlic
  • Jalapeno
  • Onion
  • Green pepper
  • Fresh eggs
Fry bacon and add to bowl - save grease in pan.  Fry potatoes in bacon grease until crispy brown.  Add potatoes to bowl and fry sausage.  Add sausage to bowl and fry garlic, onion, jalapeno, and pepper in sausage grease.  Crack 2 eggs per person over onion mixture and cook until done.  Mix everything together.  Allow to cool, then package in plastic bags.  Heat over fire in pan.

Blueberry Pancakes
We hoped blueberries would be prime for picking, but we were just a day or two off the mark.  This was my birthday breakfast, so I got what few were available.  The red ones were just a bit tart, which was perfect.

  • Bisquick *just add water* Buttermilk Pancake Mix
  • Fresh-picked, wild blueberries
  • Pure maple syrup
Combine water and batter.  Add blueberries.
Cook in fry pan over fire until light brown and fluffy.  Drizzle maple syrup.

Mmmm...meatlovers.  Nothing tastes better than greasy protein after a couple hours of paddling.

  • Pre-made, original style pizza crust - single size, 1 per camper
  • Squeeze bottle pizza sauce (because glass & cans are not permitted on the campground)
  • Hot dago sausage
  • Pepperoni
  • Shredded mozzarella cheese
Fry sausage in skillet until brown.
Apply all pizza toppings.
Cook in reflector oven until golden brown.

Hot Grape Nuts Cereal 

I hadn't had Grape Nuts since I was a kid.  So yummy served hot with fruit!

Per serving:
2 Cups Grape Nuts Cereal
2 Tbsp powdered milk
1 Tbsp sugar
Generous amount of freeze-dried fruit (strawberries are great)

Combine all ingredients in baggy for travel.
Put in mug and pour hot water over to desired consistency.

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