Monday, October 27, 2014

Double Bonus

Hat: J. Crew,  Denim: Levi's,  Sweater: Hot Mama
Jacket: Chaser & Pants: Dex via Sisu,  Booties: Target

One of the many bonuses of working for a small boutique is getting to see some of the product in advance.  At Sisu, we occasionally have vendor reps stop by to show us their upcoming lines.  The Chaser rep came in July and I fell instantly in love with this suede moto jacket.  Scheduled for fall delivery, I determined to save up for what would typically be beyond my budget.

It finally arrived earlier this month and as saving intentions go, I wasn't as prepared as I'd hoped to be.  My boss, Heidi, handed me the jacket along with a receipt, telling me it was paid for.  HUH?  My darling husband had snuck in and made payment arrangements with her weeks prior.  Call it a belated birthday present, but it felt like a wonderfully random surprise.

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