Monday, November 17, 2014

'Style Me Target'

Vest: JCPenny,  Hoodie: Jack by BB Dakota
Pants: hand-me-down from E (StyleMeTarget)
Booties: DV Dolce Vita via Sisu

These pants are reversible.  I've only ever worn them with the floral side out.   Knowing that I can turn them inside out to reveal the Aztec print on the other side feels like a magic trick waiting to happen.  I have them as a result of my BFF purging her closet.  Yay for free clothes!

Speaking of Elaina - my nicer, smarter, better-dressed counterpart - she has an awesome instragam feed called Style Me Target.  As a mother of twin toddlers, Target is her #1 source for just about everything, including her own wardrobe.  She finds the most incredible bargains and then styles them to perfection.

The pants - yep, from Target!

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Anonymous said...

Love how you've styled them!