Monday, December 29, 2014

For the Locals: Brow Chic

Female facial hair - it's a thing.  I cannot continue with this subject without sharing the words of lyrical genius Larry the Cucumber in his delightful rendition of "Love My Lips":

On the day I got my tooth
I had to kiss my Great Aunt Ruth
She had a beard
And it felt weird

Bravo, Larry.  You and your adorable tooth.


Sometime around 8th grade I realized I was rockin' a girly unibrow and began experimenting with tweezers.  As enjoyable as it is to yank well-rooted hairs from the delicate skin around my eyes, my attempt at regular upkeep has been inconsistent over the years. 

I was recently invited to experience a series of services at Brow Chic where I met Tessa and Syreeta, who kindly destroyed my casual attitude toward facial grooming.  Even though I had never done anything like this before, I felt comfortable with these ladies right away.

The scene at Brow Chic in Northeast Minneapolis is immaculate and minimalistic without sacrificing coziness.  I was led over to a well-lit bed, where I was able to relax and chat with Tessa as she worked her magic on my face.  My first brow wax ever could not have gone any better.  I expected a bit of pain, but Tessa was so fast and kept me distracted with enough conversation that I hardly noticed what was happening.

I love prominent brows.  Tessa shaped mine to perfection, then applied a tint to make them even bolder.  She was extra awesome to send me home with brow powder and a brush so I can maintain this look for as long as possible before my next appointment.

With time to spare, she generously offered a lash tint as well.  I'm so glad she did, because I will most definitely be back for this before my cruise vacation next month.  My lashes are naturally very light and this makes the greatest difference when I can't be bothered with mascara.  Even Steve noticed my darker lashes!

Next, I met with Syreeta for a make-up application.  The Ellis Faas products used at Brow Chic are the niftiest looking contraptions, designed after bullet casings.  Being that I don't normally wear a lot of make up and this was a day look,  Syreeta kept it light and natural but amped it up with a bold lip.   The lipstick was my favorite thing.  It was included in my goodie bag and I've used it numerous times since then.

Nothing drastic about this little make-over, just some special treatment to make me feel fresh and new.  Brow Chic's St. Paul location is conveniently located near Teeny Bee, so I'll be heading there for my next lash tint.  No doubt my experience will be just as great as it was in Northeast.  I'm making a commitment in 2015 to hand my face over to the professionals at Brow Chic when I'm feeling a little dull.

Before or after a visit to Brow Chic NE, take a stroll through the interior of the building.  945 Broadway is loaded with charm.  Enjoy the quirky, modern art randomly featured around the facility.  Wave hello to the friendly stylists at Stellar Hair Company.  Depending on time and day, grab a beer and/or tour 612 Brew.

A stop at the beautiful Spyhouse Coffee is an absolute must.  It's the ultimate hipster gathering.  There will likely be a bearded 20-something dude at the counter decked out in red buffalo plaid and thick-rimmed glasses.  If you're lucky enough to get the cute, blonde barista behind the counter (rocking the most covetable ringlet curls), she'll suggest a tasty sandwich to go with your cup of joe.  Trust her, it's delicious.

***disclaimer:  I received free product and services from Brow Chic for this review.  This post reflects my honest opinion of what I received.

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s said...

Glad to hear of your great experience at Brow Chic. I will be going to the St. Paul location for my next service(s). Great post.