Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Like a Dude

Hat: WalMart?,  Plaid: JCPenny,  Sweater:  RDStyle
Pants: Dex via Sisu,  Shoes: Kohl's

Yep.  More pre-snow outfitting.  Fun facts about this outfit:

1 - Hats at WalMart are like, $2.  They don't even have to be cute.  I'll take 8.

2 - This plaid shirt perpetually smells like cilantro, no matter how many times I wash it.  It makes me really frickin' hungry for Chipotle.

3 - Open weave sweaters are a pug owners worst nightmare.  How this one has survived is beyond my comprehension.

4 - I can't get enough leather this year.  Real or 'vegan', I'm buying it up like there's a cow (or fake cow) shortage.  It's pug proof material (anti #3), and I really appreciate that.

5 - I'm technically wearing leggings here.  I justify wearing them as pants because they are completely opaque and I wear proper underwear with them.   In spite of my full support of this Pant vs. Legging Flowchart, I harbor no guilt whatsoever.

6 - I read a trend report more than a year ago that said wedge sneakers were going O.U.T.   Then I bought a pair just to be rebellious.  Still wearing and loving them.

7 - This was the morning I asked Steve if I was dressed too much like a dude.  It didn't matter what the answer was, I was simply curious.


Steve Erickson said...

I think you look like an elf or Waldo... so yeah, a dude.

Staci said...

First of all, you could NEVER look like a dude, you're too cute. Secondly, what do you mean PRE snow? I'm going to be in town this weekend and I ORDERED SNOW!! Is there really none yet?

Keely said...

This is a great ensemble! Not "dude" like at all.:0)