Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Vacation Video

Here are some highlights from our vacation!  We cruised with 3 other crazy couples.

Highlights include (but definitely not limited to):
Roatan - aka The Happiest Place in the World
Swimming with Dolphins
Reading in the sunshine
Nate wins Sexiest Man Competition
Unlimited icecream

Get Me Outta Here - Cruise 2015 Highlights from Hungry Pug Studios on Vimeo.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Book Reivew: Maybe Maby

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Meet Maby (rhymes with baby, short for Mabel). I've started and scrapped several book reviews about her.  Mainly because she's complex and I want to do her justice without giving too much away.

Of Willow Aster's leading ladies, Maby is definitely the crazy one.  It's not that I like her more or less than Sparrow or Caroline.  I just identify more with a character whose issues are more internal than circumstantial.  Maby has plenty of both.

Even before Maby's mom (her only true friend) dies tragically, there are problems.  She's left grief-stricken and alone with only obsessive routines to keep her from completely losing it (me: also a lover of routine, especially during dark times).

Chance encounters with guys from her past temporarily distract from her dismal life, but the result is more complication and heartache.  And the whole time I'm like, ugh. this girl needs a do-over. if only she'd give herself a flippin' chance...

And so it begins with a sassy haircut and a second look at the cute boy from the coffee shop.

Maby is full angst and volatile personality, but she's delivered in a fresh, authentic way that adult readers can appreciate.  If this were a movie, I'd call it a dark-ish comedy and rate it R for sex and swearing.  At it's core, Maybe Maby is an entertaining story about overcoming crazy with opportunity.  I've read it twice.  Count them: one...two.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Wine & Canvas - Sisu Style

I'm back from a glorious, Caribbean vacation!  Ok, so I've actually been back for over a week now, layin' low.  There will be documentation of the trip at some point.  I've been posting a few of my cruise/island outfits on Instagram, so you can check that out in the meantime.

February is full of fun.  It makes it so much easier to be home.

Wine & Canvas is coming to Sisu.  Instead of canvas for the wall, it's canvas for the feet in the form of Bucketfeet sneakers.  Brilliant, right?

February 26, 7 - 9pm.  $60 includes the shoes + art supplies, wine, snacks, and a shopping discount for the evening.  Call the store (651-436-2076) to register and reserve shoe size.  I'm not sure whether to go with a plan or wait and see what creative juices flow once I have a marker in my hand.  I've been perusing BucketFeet's Facebook gallery for inspiration.