Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Wine & Canvas - Sisu Style

I'm back from a glorious, Caribbean vacation!  Ok, so I've actually been back for over a week now, layin' low.  There will be documentation of the trip at some point.  I've been posting a few of my cruise/island outfits on Instagram, so you can check that out in the meantime.

February is full of fun.  It makes it so much easier to be home.

Wine & Canvas is coming to Sisu.  Instead of canvas for the wall, it's canvas for the feet in the form of Bucketfeet sneakers.  Brilliant, right?

February 26, 7 - 9pm.  $60 includes the shoes + art supplies, wine, snacks, and a shopping discount for the evening.  Call the store (651-436-2076) to register and reserve shoe size.  I'm not sure whether to go with a plan or wait and see what creative juices flow once I have a marker in my hand.  I've been perusing BucketFeet's Facebook gallery for inspiration.

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