Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Speaking Style

There are things in life that make me very uncomfortable.
  • Large insects.  Naturally.
  • Sting Rays.  The magnitude of this fear manifested on vacation recently.  Get those water rats away from me!
  • Gas stovetops.  Every time I turn one on, I'm sure it's going to torch my face off.
  • Microphones.  The amplified sound of my own voice is horrifying.
  • Public Speaking.  Goes along with the microphone thing.  Even if there isn't a microphone, being the center of attention freaks me out.  Watch <please do not watch> as my ears turn a shocking shade of red.
There are legitimate, justifiable fears - things that gross me out or threaten my safety.  Then there are irrational quirks that would be beneficial to overcome.  Normally, I would just say no.  Noooooo.  No way.  No, thank you.  Yet something in the last couple years has prompted me to reevaluate that response.  Perhaps I should be less afraid of the color of my ears and more afraid of missed opportunity.

When Jackie of the Self-Love Sisters group asked if I would be willing to speak to her group about dressing for body type, I thought to politely decline.  But given the concept behind this group of women, I reconsidered the offer.  I dress people for a living.  There's no good reason I couldn't share my knowledge on the subject with a small group of friendly strangers.  The more I think about it, the more pumped I get about this event.

It'll take place at Sisu where there are comfy chairs, snacks, bubbly beverages, and likely an adorable dog or two.  We'll tackle subjects like Why Clothes Matter, Identifying Body Type, Discovering Personal Style, and lots more.  There will be a shopping bonus too! - get 15% off your Sisu purchase.

Come on out Wednesday, March 11 at 7pm.  It'll be really fun.  Register you (and maybe a friend or two) right here.

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Jackie Mart said...

You will do great!! :-) I'm looking forward to it!!!