Tuesday, April 28, 2015

White & Gold

Remember the dress that blew up the internet?  It created quite a stir at my house, too.  Steve called me into his office, showed me a picture of the dress, and asked what colors it was.  I was confused and thought he was playing a joke on me.  Clearly, the dress was blue and black.

He was shocked.  "Seriously!?  This dress?  This dress right here is blue and black?"

"Yes.  Seriously.  Why?"

"It's white and gold."


Steve is a film maker.  He does a whole lot of color correction for his job.  He is not color blind.  He may even have a better eye for color than I do (don't tell him I said that).  So I racked my brain for some logical explanation.  It bugged me for a good, long while.  But as most viral phenomenons go, a couple days went by and I got over it.  Dress forgotten.

Dress: Gap,  Jewelry: Sisu,  Shoes: Nine West, thrifted

The dress I'm wearing here has the same colors and a similar pattern.  That's where the likeness ends.  But when I put it on that morning, I was instantly reminded of the dress that blew up the internet.  At church, I was asked if it was "the dress".  And I received a text complimenting me on my "white and gold" dress.

My conclusion is that "the dress" has destroyed our ability to see a blue and black, striped dress as itself.  At least for a while, it will also be white and gold.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Twin Cities Events

The weather is getting good.  Days are getting longer.  This is when Minnesotans come out of hibernation and start getting happy.  We emerge from our dark homes with a renewed sense of hopefulness and purpose.  Our lives really can consist of more than hours upon hours of Netflicks.

Yay for us!  Here's the short list of events on my calendar.

St. Paul Art Crawl
This weekend!
Explore art in St. Paul.  And something about butterflies.

Sisu Re-Grand Opening
May 1-3
Doors re-open at our new location!  Come check us out at 755 Bielenberg Drive in Tamarak Hills and enjoy 15% off your purchase (and likely a few other treats too).  Hey, did you hear that we are officially the Best Boutique in Woodbury?  Yep, we sure are.

Walk for Animals
Saturday, May 2
For the furbabies!

Lake Nokomis Urban Craft Show
Saturday, May 2
Come shop a variety of local crafters and artists.  Admission is FREE!  There will be crafts and activities for the kiddos too.  Speaking of kiddos - be sure to stop by my friend Katie's shop, Chintz Petit, for her darling baby dresses!

UNITE National Day of Prayer
Thursday, May 7
I'll be singing in the city-wide choir.  Sharing the stage with the likes of Kari Jobe and Francis Chan.  So that's pretty cool.

Cocktails at the Castle: Dynamite Night
Friday, May 15
I'm Swedish!  Mostly. Somewhat. I think.  Thankfully, all are welcome to attend this event at the American Swedish Institute.  Fashion show included.

Nate Sabin CD Release Party
Friday, May 22
Remember that Kickstarter I shared with you back in October?  Mission accomplished.  It's time to party.

Remedy Drive at Club Agape'
Wednesday, May 27
I'm not cool enough to know who Remedy Drive is, but it's awesome that they'll be performing in my church's youth room.  I'll probably be serving up popcorn behind the snack bar, in case you're lookin' for me.

Donut Crawl
Saturday, June 13
Coffee, donuts, for a darn good cause.

Northern Spark
June 13 & 14
An overnight festival in Minneapolis.  It's free.  And awesome.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Crop Top

Crop top: H&M,  Overalls: Express,  Plaid: JCP,  Shoes: thrifted

Here is my personal rule on crop tops:  No belly button.  

You can't really tell that I'm wearing a crop top here.  I promise, from the side or behind, there is skin.  32 year old skin that rarely sees the light of day.  Stark white with a freckle here and a stretch mark there.  But as long as my belly button isn't visible, I'm cool with it.  

This outfit was a baby step outside my style comfort zone.  It's hardly immodest, but I verge on prudish most days.  I'm much more confident pairing a crop with high waisted pants or skirt, revealing only a peek of skin around my ribcage (or less).

The next step leap, would be belly button.  But I'm not going there.  No way, not happening.  Maybe it's my age, upbringing, lack of of abdominal muscles, or simply that belly buttons aren't as on-trend as they were when I endured that girl-crush on Britney Spears.  It's all of those reasons.

I've drawn the line.  Hold me to it.

*Best part of this photo is Daisy's curl peeking out from behind me.  I love that little thing.

Friday, April 3, 2015

Trailer Park Princess

Romper: Yumi via Sisu, Boots: Coconuts via DSW

About half way through the trip, Steve labeled me as the 'Trailer Park Princess'.  Nothing could offend or thrill me more.  To further secure my place in the hierarchy of Trailer Parkdom, I am wearing a romper with roosters on it, appropriately referred to as the 'Cock Romper'.   Let us pause to appreciate how wise I am for not titling this post as such.

I'm very glad I emailed this picture to myself shortly before I accidentally nuked my iPhone, setting me back 6 months in digital life.  I don't really care to rehash all the details.  I balled my eyeballs out for 4 straight hours.  Looking back, I regret holding back the additional 2 hours.  1 hour for every month lost seems perfectly reasonable.