Thursday, April 16, 2015

Crop Top

Crop top: H&M,  Overalls: Express,  Plaid: JCP,  Shoes: thrifted

Here is my personal rule on crop tops:  No belly button.  

You can't really tell that I'm wearing a crop top here.  I promise, from the side or behind, there is skin.  32 year old skin that rarely sees the light of day.  Stark white with a freckle here and a stretch mark there.  But as long as my belly button isn't visible, I'm cool with it.  

This outfit was a baby step outside my style comfort zone.  It's hardly immodest, but I verge on prudish most days.  I'm much more confident pairing a crop with high waisted pants or skirt, revealing only a peek of skin around my ribcage (or less).

The next step leap, would be belly button.  But I'm not going there.  No way, not happening.  Maybe it's my age, upbringing, lack of of abdominal muscles, or simply that belly buttons aren't as on-trend as they were when I endured that girl-crush on Britney Spears.  It's all of those reasons.

I've drawn the line.  Hold me to it.

*Best part of this photo is Daisy's curl peeking out from behind me.  I love that little thing.

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