Friday, April 3, 2015

Trailer Park Princess

Romper: Yumi via Sisu, Boots: Coconuts via DSW

About half way through the trip, Steve labeled me as the 'Trailer Park Princess'.  Nothing could offend or thrill me more.  To further secure my place in the hierarchy of Trailer Parkdom, I am wearing a romper with roosters on it, appropriately referred to as the 'Cock Romper'.   Let us pause to appreciate how wise I am for not titling this post as such.

I'm very glad I emailed this picture to myself shortly before I accidentally nuked my iPhone, setting me back 6 months in digital life.  I don't really care to rehash all the details.  I balled my eyeballs out for 4 straight hours.  Looking back, I regret holding back the additional 2 hours.  1 hour for every month lost seems perfectly reasonable.

1 comment:

Frannie Pantz said...

Your romper, your post and the term "cock romper" just made my entire day. LOL