Tuesday, April 28, 2015

White & Gold

Remember the dress that blew up the internet?  It created quite a stir at my house, too.  Steve called me into his office, showed me a picture of the dress, and asked what colors it was.  I was confused and thought he was playing a joke on me.  Clearly, the dress was blue and black.

He was shocked.  "Seriously!?  This dress?  This dress right here is blue and black?"

"Yes.  Seriously.  Why?"

"It's white and gold."


Steve is a film maker.  He does a whole lot of color correction for his job.  He is not color blind.  He may even have a better eye for color than I do (don't tell him I said that).  So I racked my brain for some logical explanation.  It bugged me for a good, long while.  But as most viral phenomenons go, a couple days went by and I got over it.  Dress forgotten.

Dress: Gap,  Jewelry: Sisu,  Shoes: Nine West, thrifted

The dress I'm wearing here has the same colors and a similar pattern.  That's where the likeness ends.  But when I put it on that morning, I was instantly reminded of the dress that blew up the internet.  At church, I was asked if it was "the dress".  And I received a text complimenting me on my "white and gold" dress.

My conclusion is that "the dress" has destroyed our ability to see a blue and black, striped dress as itself.  At least for a while, it will also be white and gold.

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Feisty Harriet said...

I am totally on team white and gold for the particular dress in question, and I will defend that to my dying day. Also, I can't imagine how people saw cobalt and black. Periwinkle and brown, maybe, but not cobalt and black.

This dress, however, is perfection as is (blue, black, obvs.)