Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Soul Carrier Kickstarter

Illumination Clutch
I've become a bit obsessed with crowd funding in the last year or so.  

Last spring, Teeny Bee Boutique raised funds to build a community play room.  Now every Tuesday morning, I get to enjoy the company of parents and babies who come for free music class in the renovated space.

In October, I helped Catch the Wind Ministries run a campaign to fund the completion of their first worship album, Praise Nation.  The music was released last month and has been on constant play in my car since then.  I have spent many obsessive hours on Kickstarter and continue to reap the benefits of crowd funding success.

I don't usually take the time read through all the product pitches that are sent to me as a blogger, but this one caught my attention right away.  I'm positively dying over the gorgeous Illumination Clutch.  Part of the proceeds from this handbag collection will benefit The Crisis Nursery, a children’s shelter in Phoenix, AZ that provides children with a warm place to sleep at night, foster care, education, and more. 

I'm so impressed with Soul Carrier's campaign.  Please watch the video and consider joining me as a backer.